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“Non-Partner Units” Services

For “Non-Partner Units” the CLAS RO is a resource for questions, issues or concerns related to research administration.

“Partner Units” Services

The CLAS Research Office (RO) has undergone constant and steady change since its inception in 2016. Currently, the CLAS RO has 7 fulltime employees and continues to grow. The team’s goal is to assist and guide “Partner Unit” faculty and staff in achieving their research goals by providing full service research administration support through the following:

Pre award / Submission

  • Solicitation review and guidance.
  • UFIRST entry, revision and guidance.
  • Budget preparation, review and guidance.
  • Supporting documentation (attachment) review and guidance, which may include but not limited to: FCOI, ad hoc approvals, and sub recipient letter of commitment.
  • SF424 initiation, review, and completion.
  • FastLane review, entry and guidance.
  • Just in Time (JIT) assistance (including post submission updates in UFIRST).

Post award / Award

  • Award review, and entry.
  • Award modification in UFIRST, which may include but not limited to: No cost extensions, change of personnel, change in scope of work, financial revisions.
  • Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) exemption entry.
  • Fiscal management (restricted funds/201 and 209) which include purchasing, travel authorizations, travel reimbursement, journal entries and other items as needed.
  • Subaward entry and processing.

Communication: Communicate with personnel in the CLAS RO is via email at All CLAS RO personnel have access to this account, which ensures a quick response time. The general email account allows for all information to be centrally contained and accessible. In Partner Units, the CLAS RO serves as the liaison between the PI and the Division of Sponsored Research (DSP) and Contracts and Grants (C & G).